Starting the Day Off

The best way for me to start the day is by going to mass. Well, truthfully, my morning schedule is; wake up, pray the rosary, maybe pray the morning office, then get ready for the day. That’s my schedule for the school year during the weekdays, at least.
When it’s the weekend during the school year or summer, I find something inspiring about going to daily mass in the morning. Ever since third grade to eighth, I’ve been attending morning daily mass for mostly everyday. People assume morning mass is for the elderly, but let me tell you that it’s not entirely true. For example, I see young parents bringing their children to daily mass since they were little whenever possible. I also witness young men and women who take part of their day to celebrate the mass before heading off to their busy work lives. But then of course, you can also see loving elderly couples going to mass together every morning, and it definitely makes you feel something moving in your heart at that sight. How about middle-aged folks, aren’t they there? Of course they are! Middle-aged people definitely go to daily mass, some bring their family intentions to mass, while others also go to have a meaningful start of their day.
It’s not just lay people that go to these daily masses, though. Often, I see religious sisters from several different orders. I’ve seen missionaries, Rochester Franciscans, Nashville Dominicans, Schoenstatt Sisters, and even a Handmaid of the Heart of Jesus. There’s also been seminarians from my diocese and others. There’s something beautiful about seeing those choosing the religious life and the priesthood at mass. I’ve witnessed the inspiration that they have brought to me and to others.
Me? At first I was just a child who was told by my parents to go, and so I went. On days when there wasn’t mass, I was a little happy. But, that was a few years ago…before I realized the importance of the mass in my life.
While I am in high school, it’s not possible to go to morning mass since it starts after the beginning of school. I still go on Saturday mornings and of course, I will attend Sunday mass. During the school year, about every two weeks we have an all-school mass that everyone is required to attend, and every Wednesday there is an optional mass before school. There’s something I must say, as a student, if you’re at school early, why don’t you take spend some time with Jesus instead of standing around in the halls talking about worldly things? I don’t mean to be hypocritical, but it’s heartbreaking to see a maximum of 4-5 students at an optional mass on Wednesdays, when the school has over 400 students.
Why go to morning mass? I can’t give you a definite answer, but I’ll tell you my personal experience. I’ve received so many blessings known and unbeknownst to me. I’ve experienced tiny miracles that I give all credit to the Eucharist. That is the main reason why I go to mass, to receive the Eucharist. Although at times, it seems like there’s better things to be doing. I guarantee you, going to mass brings a peace and wellness to the rest of your day. I’ve had terrible mornings, but when I entered into prayer in the mass and received the Eucharist, I was open to the goodness of more things.
Morning mass is something that I treasure very deeply. When I could go all the time, I took it for granted, but now when I can’t go everyday, I long for the days that I can. So, I sincerely hope that anyone that is able to go to mass everyday, to take this opportunity and attend morning mass. It’ll make a difference in your life, I promise.

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