Humility is something that I find difficult. No matter how hard I try, there will still be times when I notice my failure in being humble.

I struggle with this a lot, but it’s not that I think I’m greater than anyone. Sometimes, I realize I’m not humble because there’s finally something that I can do well in. So with that enthusiasm, I end up bragging about this certain thing that I can do well (and assume I can do better) to others.

But I’ve realized that I do need to be humble. Humility is something that mostly everyone struggles with. It’s not a concept that can be accomplished once and then it’ll naturally be that way. It takes practice…and a lot of prayer.

We aren’t worthy for everything we have, and that’s one thing we should remember. Humility doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put yourself down when you’ve accomplished something good. It also isn’t about faking a sense of humility. True humility is when you are simply aware that there is someone greater than you in all that you do.

The fact that this secular world is about bragging your accomplishments is something that is detrimental to the beautiful way of humility. Our everyday lives are consumed by this idea of “I need to be the best,” and “Look at how great I am.” But when we meet someone with humility, there’s something special about it. It is not that they are not aware of their accomplishments or talents, it is in that very act of acknowledging their gifts and talents that they have realized they are still to obey the Lord.

Everyday there’s a constant struggle between thinking we are right and knowing that we are not always perfect. Even in tiny arguments with our peers, we may end up easily assuming that we are better than them when they’ve done something wrong, and we got the right answer.

Of course there is no clear solution as to how to be humble. But that does not mean there is no way to achieve humility. One of the best ways is to go to Adoration and spend time before the Blessed Sacrament, reflecting on God’s marvelous works. Pray for that humility, and surely one day it can be accomplished.  Beware, it might even be possible to be not humble by their humility. This can take forms in “fishing for compliments,” or simply “denying it (but they actually aren’t.”

So my friends, let’s all try to be sincerely humble!

(Also, I’d love to hear your thought on this…please let me know in the comments, etc.)

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