Reasons Why You Should Go to St. James Coffeehouse

1.There’s a chapel…with the Blessed Sacrament present!


Chapel at St. James Coffee

Well, look at that! It’s not only a place to get coffee and other drinks, but it’s a place to quench your spiritual thirst as well. There are lovely stained glass windows outside the chapel. There are two chairs and one kneeler, so you can have your personal prayer time.

2. It’s a Catholic local non-profit coffeehouse.


Chapel at St. James Coffee

Whatever drinks or items you buy at St. James Coffee, the majority of the profits go to different charities in the local community and in the world. It also serves as a wonderful instrument in the New Evangelization,“St. James is a non-profit Catholic coffee house whose mission is to be a place where people encounter Christ and His Catholic Church.”

3. The workers are all volunteers!


You heard me right! The people you’ll see behind the counters are all volunteers (with possibly an exception of one). So, you can definitely expect sincere people who are being generous with their time that help at this wonderful place and will make awesome drinks. They’re always open to talk about the faith, so have any questions, start a discussion with them 🙂 Also, if you’re around the area, new volunteers are always welcome!

4. Variety of Drinks to enjoy at low prices!


The prices at St. James Coffee are definitely cheaper than Starbucks, Caribou, and other coffee shops nearby. There are a variety of drinks; coffee drinks, smoothies, tea, etc! They are also cleverly named; Capuchin-O, Immaculate White Mocha, or St. The-reese’s Peanut Butter Mocha for example.

5. Great Atmosphere and Events


St. James Coffee has a great atmosphere for meetings, events, concerts, and just personal time! You can definitely feel peace there, and it’s a great place to be productive. There are occasional concerts, talks, and meetings. The talks are usually given by great speakers who help others to grow in their faith.

Other Info About St. James Coffee (I can’t just tell you these things and not tell you where it’s located!)


4156 18th Avenue NW

Rochester, MN 55901


M-F 6a-6p
Sa 7:30a–6p

Facebook Page:

Instagram Account:

Any questions? Send them to


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