A Catholic Teen’s POV: Priest on a hoverboard

Although I wasn’t planning on writing another blog post this soon, I was scrolling through comments about this, and felt that I should write this up.

Ah, where do I begin…

Many comments wrote that the priest might’ve been doing this to appeal to the young people. But, then he was suspended, and people said that the church officials are complaining about church attendance and, “I wonder why…”

As someone who’s considered to be a “young person” at mass…I wanted to say how I felt about this situation. First off, if my parish priest decided to try and do this one day at mass, I would do either of two things at that moment; kneel down and start praying for more reverence, or simply walk outside/away.

To some extent, I can see where people would say it can bring in young people, but I think the idea that the Catholic Church needs to “be/fit with the times” is unnecessary. Just a year ago, I’d totally be on the bandwagon for modernizing things in the Catholic Church, but now I’m more informed.

The mass does not exist for there to be a performance or show of any sort. When we gather for mass, we should be focusing on Christ. I personally do not think a priest on a hoverboard would help us focus on the True Presence of the Eucharist. Some might argue that there are already other distractions in the mass. I agree, but, that doesn’t mean we should allow for more.

When the sacrifice of the mass is made into a performance or a simple event of fellowship, we lose sight of why we are there. Not to hear someone sing, or to see our friend, but we are at Mass to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist.

The priest might be attempting to relate to the young people, but I believe that there is greater power in the beautiful Tradition that the Catholic Church has. For many years, the Catholic Church has stood firm without needing to adjust to the ideals and beliefs of the current times, so, there isn’t really a reason to incorporate popular culture into the liturgy.

I don’t think the diocese did wrong in suspending the priest. It might seem harsh, but I believe that the priest will reflect on having more reverence to the Eucharist. Honestly, I think we all need to! This is a time that we should pause and see how much reverence we actually have and should have for the Eucharist.

There is an increasing amount of disrespect and lack of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, and this is simply another example of one. Many have gone unnoticed, but I’m glad this one was brought to light and dealt with appropriately.

I pray that there will be increased reverence for the Blessed Sacrament.

2 thoughts on “A Catholic Teen’s POV: Priest on a hoverboard

  1. Couldn’t agree more, people just don’t understand Reverence before and during Mass. And the only people to blame are those that are neglecting to Catechize people about the Mass and the Respect and Reverence that must be had. People don’t realize that the Mass is supposed to be prayed and everything in the Mass is supposed to help point us to Christ in the Eucharist such as the Music, the vestments of the priest, the candles, the altar, etc. I mean we should have beautiful and dare I say expensive things in the Sanctuary because people are drawn to the beauty and that beauty helps us to meditate upon the greatest reality that Jesus, who became man gave His life for us and now we are participating in that reality every time we attend Mass. Also, taking a few minutes of prayer after Mass in Thanksgiving for receiving the Eucharist is also a good and recommend practice for Catholics. The Mass is supposed to take us out of the Ordinary of Life and into the Extraordinary. Great post, never stop praying and always strive to learn more about your Catholic Faith because it will inspire others.

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    • Thank you for that lovely commentary, I completely agree! Today we had an all-system wide mass of our city’s Catholic schools, and there were so many acts of disrespect and lack of Reverence of most students. I think that beauty and silence will bring out more prayer and meditation than loud songs about community or conversations with those next to you that doesn’t stop. Yes! To take time after receiving Eucharist and reflect is always something I try to do. Oh, and I especially liked the sentence, “The Mass is supposed to take us out of the Ordinary of Life and into the Extraordinary.” I think that is very true, and is a wonderful way for us to think deeper about the Mass.
      I will definitely remember your advice about praying and learning more about my faith! And thank you for the very kind words!


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